A Group of People

Hei people, back again with me Firni Trifani.

Tonight, 1.33 AM, December 7th 2011 - in my current boarding room, I just opened my laptop and started blogging again.
Anyway, these last days I spent my time (like a lot) with my 3G fellas,TariManda, Idham, Digna, Kyoto, Y**a, Jani, Sienta, Bianda, Jaja, Bayu, etc. Doing suffered (galau) thingy, steal-sharing (curcol), and many crazy stupid things. But the freaky one is that those things are always started in the middle of the night.
Seems like I haven't told you what 3G means. Well, it's just randomly spoken by one of us.
It could be these :
a. Gagal Gaul Galau
b. Genk Gagal Gaul
c. Genk Gaul Galau
d. Genk Gak Gaul
e. Answers above are true
Whatever your answer, we do respect anything that you're thinking about us.

Well, they're just like my second family like for seriously (same with my BNEC fellas). We share many things. Things that (maybe) not every single "genk" (I mean like a group of friends) does. We love K-Pop and one of the crazy things is we were going to airport at 12 AM right after Kim Junsu (2PM) tweeted that 2PM had just landed in Jakarta and stalking their hotel in the middle of the night. Sounds freak, but yeah...we DID that! -___-"

Share love stories (but more to the "broken" love stories), ex-BF/GF stories, family stories, and find the solution together are our daily activities.
Why does it sound like we're a love consultant (like ON clinic)? BIG NO!
We are just a group of (suffered of love) people which everyone of us has the same fate, we call it "Jones (Jomblo Ngenes - person who is suffered because of love)".

Many things that I should write in here, but the clock currently shows me 2.30 AM, meaning that I should get my bed like now!
But, anyway, Happy 20th Birthday Rahmat Suseno Kyoto !!! All the best wishes for you bro! :)


Sunday Night

Hei bloggie,
I just hanged out with my friends to a mall in South Jakarta. It was really fun.
We tried Korean food; Bimbimbap, Samgyetang, Bulgogi, and the one that I ate (I just forgot the name -.-") one thing for sure, it has many squids in it :9

The next pit stop is (as what usually girls go to) a body-care shop :D
We bought 3 new eye-shadows :3

And we kept walking around ...

Not a bad Sunday Night lah :')
Went back home at 7.30 (quite early for a hang out -.-") because yeah, tomorrow Manda is going to have a quiz and Tari & me also have an assignment which should me submitted tonight.
Yeah, college life...

Tonight last pictures of me in my room :

Been in South Korea for almost a month makes me kinda love Korean style and also the way they do the Self-cam xP

a quite "self-oriented" post :P

Good bye bloggie, see you on the next post :)


Current Life

Hei bloggie, hei people, hei all ! =D

it has been a pretty long time since the last time I wrote this blog.

yeah, currently I'm in my 4th Semester in Binus. I've just finished my final exam, and in waiting for the result whether i can increase my GPA or not (yeah I CAN! for sure).

so many miracles happened within this year, and I learned a lot.
BNEC New Member Recruitment 2010 and The 2011 Southeast Asian English Olympics gave me so many experiences, knowledge, and relations. I found my second family there, I learned how to give a trust, how to survive, etc.

Words can't even describe what I feel.
I just love those moments :)

Anyway, seems like i haven't shared you, My Bloggie, about my second family in Jakarta ya?

To make it simple, here in Binus, I'm joining an English Club (BNEC). From the abbreviation I think you can guess what are the letters stand for.
First, I think it's just a usual English Club. But as time goes by, no, it's totally not a usual club nor ordinary club.
It's an EXTRAORDINARY club! I'm not too much into it, but that's just really extraordinary. The people, the systems, the thoughts, the commitment, the trustworthiness, etc.
Trust me, once you enter this environment, you're gonna feel what I feel and it will change you a lot then you'll become a more positive, open minded, and mature person.

Okay, back to my own world. Currently there's nothing's special than my club, my more "solid" family (literally my own family), my besties in Sandang & RG, and my dearest-lovely-greatest beiby :)

-Live life with a balanced activities, pray, and love-

Firni Trifani is signing off.


Back To Reality

I'm so that hungry now -_____-"
I want McD Hamburger actually, I do need someone who can treat me now, and with my biggest pleasure, I'm gonna call 14045! :D

Talking about McD, I'm missing "car" actually.
Yeah, I do.
Ice Cream, books, sandals, green shirt, white shirt, blue shirt, pen, photos. Those things are lying on my mind, cannot be erased. Deeply...

Now I'm back to Jakarta after had a pretty memorable holidays in Makassar.

Nothing else...


01.00 a.m

Gw baru ajah tidur sekitar 4 jam yg lalu, sampe akhirnya gw kebangun 1 jam yg lalu.
Dan sekarang pukul 01.00 a.m 8 Maret 2010.

Gw kebangun karena suara teman kos, namanya Tari krn sebenarnya gw ktiduran di kamar dia. Dia ngebangunin cuman buat ingetin gw untuk benerin posisi tidur, biar dia juga bisa tidur. Tapi ga tw kenapa, gw bangun ngambil tas dari kamar dia dan balik ke kamar gw. Bukan, bukan krn gw marah dia bangunin gw. Tapi, ada satu hal yg membuat gw terpakasa balik ke kamar.

"Something" itu sesuatu yg slalu gw tunggu hampir tiap malam dalam 4 tahun belakangan ini.
Sesuatu yg bisa kita kategorikan sabagai "a 'hi' word" which can make me a little bit blushing everytime I get it. Unfortunately, it's not coming.
A little regret come when I'm thinking that I left Tari alone. Sori Tar, :)

Nunggu, nunggu, nunggu, Yeah..it's not coming at all meaning that I wont get the blush on my face tonight.
Jalan kedua, buka laptop muter lagu Love Song for #1 - Corrine May. "What a peaceful night", I said. Browsing bentar, sampe gw buka blog ini and start to make a new post in my blog.

This kinda condition reminds me anything in my past time. When he came, 4 years ago.
But, I wont tell you anything about it. I just wanna tell you how do I miss something in my past time. Want it back. Eventhough I know it wont.

Everything's changing as time goes by. EVERYTHING.
Something just like hit my head when I know it wont be back at all. Yeah, AT ALL.

it's Popo, my newest doll, bought by my mom when she's coming here :)